My Teaching Philosophy

Every student has individual wants and needs, I approach every lesson with this in mind. I cater all my lessons to the students specific musical goals whether it be songwriting, production, technique/music theory, etc. I strive to make the experience fun and educational while pushing your abilities to the next level.  

I take on all levels of students, so whether you're just picking up a guitar for the first time or you're an advanced player looking to hone in on specific skills, I am sure I can help you. Feel free to reach out with any questions!  

What you get from your lessons

Every student gets access to the following- 

  • One on One lessons (Online or in person)
  • Ciriculum created specifically for your goals
  • Detailed Practice Routines
  • Video Critique- every student has the option to send me videos during the week of you performing a song or exercise and have it reviewed by me, I will give any advice applicable to help improve your playing. This way you get feedback throughout the week rather than just once per week at your lesson. 
  • Songwriting/Production assistance

Lesson Info

I do both Online and In Person lessons, however in person lesson availability is extremely limited and located in Smokey Point, WA. If you prefer in person but I am completely booked you can start online and I will then keep you on a waitlist to start in person as soon as something opens up. 

I teach Tuesday through Saturday, lessons are $35 per half hour and $70 per hour. Tuition is collected monthly. You can find a copy of my current lesson policies in the pdf below. 

Lesson Policies